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Rusó Sala


Born in Empordà, the Empordà singer-songwriter Rusó Sala parades between homegrown songs and traditional melodies.

She has signed four albums as a composer (La Ciudad imaginaria, Mar Endins, Hilo de Cobre and Desiremos), where she has explored multiple registers, several languages and inspired by various musical traditions, among which the Sephardic one stands out. The albums feature the participation of musicians of the stature of Aleix Tobias, Miriam Encinas, Caterinangela Fadda, Kekko Fornarelli.

He has been part of Coetus in recent years and has worked with artists such as Rosa Zaragoza, Giulia Valle, Laura Conejero, Tanit Navarro, Clara Peya, Borja Peñalba, Bente Kahan, Amine Tilioua... Rusó Sala has performed on stages in Argentina, Germany, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka... In addition, he is in charge of the arrangements, direction and management of two amateur hearts in the Empordà (The heart of Pau and the heart of the Convent of Pontós).

Recently, he has received the Creas 2023 creation grant from the Barcelona City Council and has performed in the tribute to Victor Jara, within the Mercè 2023 festivities, in the Cathedral Square.