Marina Villegas

Alternative Latin Pop



Rusó Sala


Marina Villegas was born in the northeast of Spain, in the beautiful village of Begur (Girona), a few meters from what was the residence of the great flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya during the last years of her life.

Marina was born in the Empordà, one of the most beautiful regions of Catalonia, where the Tramontana wind blows strongly and is surrounded by beautiful beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, near Empúries, an area used by the Greeks and Romans to penetrate the Iberian Peninsula.

All these influences have influenced her since her childhood and have made her a modern artist of roots, where her Latin pop has a mixed air between original and alternative, just as she has been since her origins. 

She is a modern artist, versatile and multidisciplinary in her genres and skills, as she dances, performs and generates live performances that are an empirical experience that go beyond the musical.

Marina Villegas generates her art in an organic and vital way, since art is for her a liberating form of life and expression, which has led her to become a singer, composer and lyricist. At the same time, she creates and directs her music videos and has played leading roles as a musical theater actress.

Marina began studying music at an early age, studying singing, music and piano. As time went by, her artistic restlessness grew, which led her to move to Barcelona and graduate from the prestigious Taller de Músics de Barcelona.