Ana Morales

Contemporary Flamenco Dance



Rusó Sala


The dancer and bailaora Ana Morales (Barcelona, 1982) fills the stage with her movements of ample forms, already converted into one of the maximum representatives of that generation of artists that has come to revolutionize the current flamenco. "Intensity, elegance, sensuality", with these words Didier Deschamps, director of the Thêátre Chaillot in Paris, described Morales' work.

Technique, stage presence and knowledge of the art of dance mark the choreographies of this "Bride of the wind", as the critic Manuel Martín Martín defined her in El Mundo. Trained in contemporary and flamenco, her creations are characterized by the search for a choreographic discourse that reflects her vital moment: the emotional present runs through all her works. Thus, her shows evolve, at the pace of her personal transformations, in pieces that cross borders with other arts and that resort to the technique of improvisation as the germ of movement.

Ana Morales has signed seven shows, awarded in different festivals and applauded by critics and public. Without permission. Canciones para el silencio, directed by Guillermo Weickert and co-produced by la Bienal de Sevilla, Festival de Jerez, Flamenco Festival and Tanzhaus Dusseldorf, won the prestigious Giraldillo al Baile and three Lorca Awards, as well as being included in El Cultural's selection of the best flamenco shows of the year. The piece premiered at the Festival de Jerez in 2018 and has been performed at the Théâtre Bernadette Laffont in Nîmes (France), at the Roman Theater of Baelo Claudia (Cádiz), at the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris (France), in Thonon les Bains (Switzerland) and at Posthof-Zeitkultur am Hafen (Austria).

Other titles include Una mirada lenta (2017), premiered at the Teatro Central in Seville, as part of the Flamenco viene del Sur cycle; Los pasos perdidos (2016), with the artistic collaboration of David Coria and premiered at the first edition of September is Flamenco (Seville); Bagatelas (2015), in collaboration with Enrique Tomás, produced by the Biennale de Flamenco de los Países and premiered at the Muziekgebouw aan't ij Theater (Amsterdam); Reciclarte (2012), premiered at the Bienal de Sevilla and directed by the National Awards Rafael Estévez and Valeriano Paños; and De Sandalia a Tacón (2010), premiered at the Festival Internacional de Teatro de Bogotá. 

En la cuerda floja (2020) premiered at the XXI Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla and is part of the 'Canal Baila' cycle at the Centro Coreográfico Canal, where the company has been resident and where it offered a sample of the show last September 1 and 2. 

It has collaborated with artists and institutions such as Esperanza Fernández and Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Oh vida, Flamenco Festival of Miami); the Ballet Flamenco Andaluz, directed by Rafaela Carrasco (Tierra de Lorca, Jardines del Generalife); Belén Maya (Los invitados, Biennale de Flamenco de los Países Bajos). She has also been a member of the Javier Latorre Company and the Andrés Marín Company and participated as a soloist in the show Flamenco Hoy and in the film Iberia, both directed by Carlos Saura. She has been a soloist with the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía in the shows La memoria del cante 1922 and Imágenes (Giraldillo Award for Best Show at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, 2014).