ToTi Camprubí

I live in music since my childhood, playing clarinet, organizing private concerts, enjoying concerts of all genres all over the world and spending great moments with musicians. I met so many talented musicians around me, some of them on the world list today. Their music was so beautiful that I sincerely wanted to share it with the world and organically decided to create my music and management agency. It was during the year 2023 when I decided "it's the right time to do it and enjoy it" and Root Music Agency was born.

I entered the music business after a long career as a global manager with large industrial corporations. I decided to broaden my management skills and deepen my formal education in the music business, to understand all corners of this vast, changing and fascinating industry, by going back to University, to do a music management and introduce myself in the industry.

I am helping to further the careers of talented musicians, based on a solid strategy and market vision.Their music is rooted in tradition and often crosses genres such as jazz, rock, classical, world music or electronic. What is important to me is that their vibe is not based on a marketing component, but creating from the soul with great respect, talent, knowledge and taste. His music is unique, innovative, surprising and beautiful. It radiates the emotions of life and inspires me!

I am also a founding member of one of the most respectful flamenco associations in Spain, Asociación de Flamenco El Dorado, based in Barcelona. Here we enjoy tradition, modernity, creation, experts, friendship and the most talented artist in the field of flamenco music and dance.


Toti Camprubí
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